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Throughout his career, Omar has been generous with his knowledge of the music industry. He has always found time to answer questions and let people in on the details of his special journey. Explore some of his most notable interviews.

OMAR (2013)

OMAR (2018)

The Voice
OMAR (2017)

SuperCruise with Jodine Dorce
OMAR (2020)

Jazzystan with Jonathan Newell
OMAR (2011)

Rated Awards
OMAR (2016)

Roll'in Interview
OMAR (2011)

Mi-Soul SPW50
OMAR (2014)

MOBO Awards
OMAR (2015)

Soul Central Magazine
OMAR (2015)

OMAR (2009)

Love Supreme / Get Lifted
OMAR (2014)

Sympatico Interview
OMAR (2014)

The Drum Birmingham
OMAR (2010)

Soul Nation
OMAR (1993)

Taratata Show, France
OMAR and Stevie Wonder (1994)

Jazz with Julian Joseph
OMAR (1999)

Rapido TV Talkin' Loud Label Feature 
OMAR (199?)

Little Boy - Performance and Interview 
OMAR (2010)

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